Sunday, June 11, 2023

I-95 Collapse

 Fox News is reporting that a tanker truck caught fire under an overpass near Philadelphia, causing a portion of I-95 to collapse.

A portion of I-95 in Philadelphia collapsed early Sunday after a tanker truck caught fire underneath an overpass, according to local reports.

Yeah, that ain't good, but they should be able to rout people around it with minimal disruption.  I-95 is known for having minimal disruption on a good day. 


Anonymous said...

Fires in Canada

Truck fire under an overpass causing interstate delay/disruption

Coincidences or what?

Who outside of authority monitors these “random” occurences?

I’ll put my tin foil hat back on. 😁

Old NFO said...

LOL, they're going to be on North Philly city streets... Standby for robberies out the butt!

Mike-SMO said...

Killapelphia, Just make sure that no one stops along the by passs.

Drew458 said...

Reroute perhaps, but it'd going to be a commuting nightmare tomorrow morning. 2 of the 4 major bridges across the Delaware between PA and NJ are in the closed off section. All of those bridges see so much rush hour traffic that they have their own traffic reports. I95 where the overpass collapsed is 6 lanes wide in each direction. That's huge. Not to mention that the Philly/Camden crossing area is pretty much the main artery for trucks in and out of the entire north east. Yes, there are other routes, but this is the big one.

Amazing that a tanker truck just happened to burn up in that exact spot. Hmmm.