Friday, June 30, 2023

The Score Keeper

In CFDA shooting, eventually you learn to do it all.  Shoot, hand judge, Range Master, keep score, and announce.   Each of those jobs is vital to running a match.  The announcer and the score keeper have to work together as a team.  The score keeper is writing the record, while the announcer is keeping everyone informed and running the electronics.

I enjoy announcing, and I know that it is a burden on the score keeper when I need to look at the score sheets to find a score on a particular lane.  While I was in Kentucky several years ago, I noticed the announcer using a device to help him keep track of the lane scores.  

Before long, I had made my version.  A simple Hobby Lobby box, some scrap lumber and some golf tees.

The Hobby Lobby Box.
The Hobby Lobby box.  Any size will do.

Ass a piece of scrap lumber with holed drilled to show the individual lanes, and some golf tees .

Just holes in the lumber and golf tees.  We're ready to start the match.  As the match progresses, drop a tee in the hole for a winning shot on a given lane.

As the match progresses, I can look down at the box, and see that the score is currently 2-1, 1-2, and 2-0.  And, I'm not bothering the score keeper while she's writing.  I've been using this system for a couple fo years now and found that it makes announcing much easier and keeps me from intruding on the score keeper when she is writing.

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