Saturday, January 01, 2022

Whatever Shall We Do?

 It's New Year's Day, and while I don't make resolutions any more, it may be time to set a few ground rules.

Years ago, when I was writing for various publications, I learned that I cannot ethically defend a piece of written work once it is committed to the publisher.  It must stand on it's own.  I would run my work through a trusted group of editors, who would critique it and make recommendations.  I would take those recommendations and make the appropriate changes.  

Blogging is different, as is all publishing these days.  I still trust commenters to make reasoned, critical arguments.  I realize that I don't have a monopoly on rational arguments, and I read all my comments as I find them.  

Here on the intertubes, we have commenters we call "trolls".  And, like most bloggers, I have mine.  These are sometimes people who make calculated, reasoned arguments that enhance the conversation.  Other trolls are simply stirring up crap, with ad-hominem attacks and name-calling.  

I don't intend to moderate comments, as I do this at my pleasure, and can't be tied to a keyboard.  This is a hobby, not a career.  This blog covers a range of subject, from the ridiculous to the sublime.  But, I expect my commenters to be gentlemen, not jackasses.

So, henceforth, any comment that I don't like, for reasons that are solely my own, will be summarily deleted.  With neither appeal or recourse.  I enjoy differing views, I revel in spirited discourse.  I will not tolerate rudeness.  Whatever else might be said, I will assume that no rudeness is accidental.

Y'all have a happy and prosperous New Year.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Thanks for blogging.

This is your bulletin board. Please feel free to sap any comment that you do not like.

By the way, the teams from the SEC did very well yesterday in the bowl games.


commoncents said...

I love it!
Would you consider a reciprocal link exchange?

BobF said...

The way I see it the blog is an electronic room in your aptly named "house" and you therefore have the perfect right to boot any jackass you see fit to show the door. I believe the rest of your guests would give high praise as the door slammed shut behind the miscreant as such a presence irritates otherwise appreciative guests.

As is true of the few other blogs I frequent, and yours is in my top 3 visit-first list, I enjoy, I learn, and I reminisce. I appreciate being a guest.

Old NFO said...


Happy New Year to y'all!

Jonathan H said...

I'm glad to see you do this; you have been much patient than I would have been with trolls.