Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Chop Saw

 In the coming days, I'll have to be cutting steel tubing into lengths for a project, and a chop saw is the only way to go with a project like this, so I went to Harbor Freight to see what was available.

Harbor Freight was out of chop saws.  Evidently, the boat from China hasn't been unloaded yet.

I had some other errands to run, and they took me close to a Lowe's box store, so I stopped there.  They had exactly one chop saw in stock, and while the price was a little higher than the Harbor Freight Chink special, the price wasn't totally out of line.

Then I thought about my veteran's discount that Lowe's offers to those who have honorably served, and loaded that chop saw in my buggy.

With an extra blade, I got out of Lowe's for just about the same money I would have paid at Harbor Freight.  And, I think I got a better machine.  While it's true that DeWalt is made in Mexico, that's better than buying Chinese.

If you are a veteran, take a copy of your DD214 to the service desk at Lowe's and get set up for your discount.  It's worth the few minutes it takes and for big-ticket items, it's really handy.


Old NFO said...

Yes it is, and unlike Home Despot, they don't complain about giving the discount to you!

BobF said...

The discount also applies to online orders after you set up the account. Just sign in abd it will reflect the discount automatically. AND it applies to your spouse for in-store purchases.

I gave my son the radial arm saw when we moved to Florida and that as a BIG mistake. Bought a chop saw to fill the void, which is does, but only partially.