Thursday, January 20, 2022

5G Update 20 Jan 'Alternative Compliance'

Juan Brown gives an update to the 5G roll out problem as it affects aviation int the US.

Exit question.  We've been using lasers in the Army since a least 1985 that give very precise ranging data.  Why not strap one of those to the airplane, pointing straight down?  It will tell you, very precisely how far you are above whaever might scrape the airplane.


Old NFO said...

Lasers don't work through rain.

juvat said...

I’m not a physicist, but I think the laser is too narrow of a beam and therefore might fluctuate too much as it goes over buildings, trees, level ground etc. The radar altimeter’s beam is wider and will report distance to the strongest highest return which is generally the ground but could be a building. A laser could be an answer but would take some work.

An additional factor I hadn’t thought about is people on the ground looking up at airplanes overhead.