Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Lazy Day

 I was about worthless today.  Of course, being fully retired gives me that option.  The only things I did today was turn on the lights and heat in the shop, and fire up the stove.   It has been a cold, rainy, drizzly Tuesday and we decided that it was time or a pot of chili.

Of course, the dawg was out there with e, and he decided that he needed his ration of scratching.

Adn, yeah, if you are wondering, he got a little chili in a bowl.  He's learning to eat what Belle and I eat, and I have to adit that we eat pretty good.  

Belle started a gallon of Cajun spicy pickles this afternoon.  We're going to a shoot in southeast Texs in two weeks, and those Texicans love Belle's pickles.  We generally carry a gallon every tie we go over there.  They go really well on hamburgers and hot dogs.


Robert Orians said...

The vets will tell you that people food will kill your dog . They are right . Our Tippy boy died at 24 from eating people food all his life . Heh .

Anonymous said...

Like what you said, some weather really does whet the appetite for certain dishes to eat. For me, cold and drizzly weather brings on 'Make a Ramen Packet'.

But I cut the quantity of seasoning packet used into thirds and the noodle portion in half. Then I add cut up meat or cheese into container to fill in missing bulk. What happens is I build up a supply of foil wrapped ramen flavorings for later use, all hermetically sealed. Good for flavoring later on.

Anonymous said...

This post is useless without Belle's pickle recipe! :-)
Denis from the Gun Counter