Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday Morning Dawg

 Benji has been with us for three weeks and the little fur-ball is settling in.  We know that he still has a lot f "puppy" to work through and that will pass with time, but 'm convinced that Belle's slippers won't survive the puppy stage.  Belle has these fuzzy, pink slippers and the dog will steal them right off her feet.  Between steps.  It's really quite amusing.


Robert Orians said...

Might consider a new pair of house slippers , heh . Jerry Clower told a coon hunting story about an old dog. He made a pair of house slippers out of that Redbones hide . When he put them on they nearly ran poor Jerry to death . That was a funny guy !

BobF said...

Word to the wise (experience talking here): When he steals a slipper in mid-step and she trips, don't laugh. YOU will hurt, if not then, later. :-)