Monday, January 03, 2022

Top Eight, Huh?

 It seems that Louisiana is the eight highest state for people un-assinng and going elsewhere.

Louisiana had the eighth-highest percentage of people moving out, according to a report released today by United Van Lines. Just over 53% of moves were households leaving Louisiana, with more than 50% of people leaving saying it was for a new job. 

That is a testament to our governor, John Bel Edwards, who is only interested in federal money.  Not the business climate, not the tax structure, not anything that has to do with jobs or prosperity.  If you want good jobs in a state, you have to make it attractive to good business.  You need good roads and other infrastructure, and Louisiana is known nation wide for poor roads and overly complicated taxation.

I love this state, I really do, but being last in education, last in jobs, and eighth in out-migration says a lot about our Governor.  It's not the barely literate poor folks who are leaving, it's folks with skills and education.  They are going to Texas, or the Carolinas, or Tennessee.

Shame on ur Governor, and the RINS who let him get away with it.

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