Sunday, January 02, 2022

Sunday Morning Dawg

 The pup is settling in, and we're training him to mind his manners.

We have learned that he is not afraid of fireworks.  This neighborhood lights up on holidays and th past two days were quite busy with celebratory artillery.  He also doesn't seem to be afraid of gunfire.  We did some shooting in the shop and he didn't seem to be bothered one bit.  That is good news.

He does seem to be afraid of a flushing toilet.  If he is in the room when we flush a toilet, he un-asses the room quickly.

That photo is one of his favorite spots.  For some reason he likes the dark area under my gunsmithing bench.

The weather is changing outside. When I came in last night, it was 80F and I was wearing a simple tee-shirt.  Today is going to be all about flannel.  The temps have already dopped 40F since sundown and are continuing to drop.  It will be a great day for a pot of chili, and I just happen to have a coupe of pounds of ground venison in the fridge.

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Anonymous said...

and don't forget the cornbread! I add a bit of bacon pieces, salsa verde, diced onion and a heap'n TBSP of mayo to my cornbread batter.