Friday, January 21, 2022

Dropping Like Flies

 I see that Meat Loaf passed away yesterday.

Today, they're reporting that comedian Louis Anderson is dead at age 68.

I'm still kicking.  I spent a great part of the day making reservations for Cowboy Fast Draw and doing other coordination for our state shoot in July.

I'll say a prayer for both those folks, and their families.  No cause of death for Meat Loaf, and and I understand that Anderson died fro complications fro cancer.


Robert Orians said...

The rich typically don't live long lives unless they have discipline in their lives . And fast food . Yuck ! Homecookin' makes you strong and healthy . And need I mention greens ? That's one thing I adopted from my touring the South . Greens are good for ya boy ! Folk up north just can't cook decent greens . Don't get me started on hot sauce .

Glypto Dropem said...

Hey Pawpaw, you may wanna start moderating commemts. While no one feeds the trolls, the comments are becoming more personal and vicious towards you. These never see the light of day at my blog, and the author's profile is permanently banned and goes on a wall of shame.

Old NFO said...

Yep, prayers up for both families.

Whatever said...

Back to your momma's basement, glypto. Your 'blog' is just delusional sovereign BS. How's that Proud Boys shit working out for you now?

Get me interested enough and we just might have to see what the feds can find on you.