Monday, January 17, 2022

Lefty Lunacy

 Reading Instapundit this morning, we come to this bit of lefty lunacy regarding this weekend's Congregation Beth Israel incident.

First of all, Kyle turned himself in to the police.  He literally walked into a police station and surrendered to the desk sergeant.  Second, murder is a legal term.  A jury f 12 says that Kyle murdered no one.  

Turning to the Paki-Muslin guy, if he had followed Kyle's example and turned himself in, he'd be getting breakfast and mental-health treatment.  He decided on a less productive course of action.

As Belle says, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


BobF said...

I wonder sometimes if there should be an IQ or reading comprhension test prior to allowing some people to purchase a computer. Or maybe just limit to the keyboard -- let anyone watch, but test for keyboards? I'm sure Anna would fail either or both tests.

juvat said...

Excellent response and exactly correct, PP. Well done

Jonathan H said...

Ugh, such idiocy... I doubt it's intentional, or it'd be better done.