Thursday, January 20, 2022

Starting The Truck

 I have an old Ford F150.  It's not my daily driver.  I use it as a utility vehicle, when I need a truck.  It moves quite a bit during the warm months, but not so much during the cold months, and today I realized that I haven't moved it in several months.

Of course, the battery was dead as a hammer, but that battery is not yet one year old, so I hooked up the charger while I checked all the fluid levels.

It fired right up, which is what a truck is supposed to do.  People ask me why I keep it.  And, the truth is I need a truck sometimes, but I don't need a truck every day.  I do need to remind myself to give it a little loving once in a while, to keep the battery charged and the seals lubricated.

It's served me well for nearly a quarter-million miles, and I don't see any reason to sell it.


Robert Orians said...

Older cars and trucks were much higher quality . America once made the finest of everything but sadly that is no longer true . My ego doesn't require a brand new $70,ooo truck to haul feed or firewood and my old Ford is only showing 80K miles . Great Grandson will probably get it when I take my dirt nap .

Termite said...


Move it so that the windshield faces south. Put on of these on the dashboard, and plug into a 12v outlet that is hot all the time.
It will keep the battery topped off.

FeralFerret said...

If you are parked anywhere near an AC power outlet, get one of the small battery float chargers. I use one of these when my pickup sits for weeks at a time. I also have another for my riding lawn mower. I'll put it on for a day or two about once a month.

Titan Mk6B said...

If you own a house, you need a truck. It's as simple as that.

Plus, it's paid for, right?

Anonymous said...

My daily driver is a pick-up. True I don't need the carrying capacity every day, and it drinks more gas than a car, but if I have to insure it, I may as well use it. My 22 year old truck has a bit less than 210,000 miles on it.

be603 said...

Battery minders are nice tools (and cheap these days) if you've got a plug handy. I had a solar battery minder on my tractor that was handy but then it got flaky and I didn't replace it. I never really rigged an adequate stand for it for windy days.