Monday, November 08, 2021

Where Is The Crime

 When I was a cop, I often disappointed people who wanted me to take some enforcement action, without evidence of a crime.  If the complainant could not allege a crime, I  could not take enforcement actin.  That is pretty basic Police 101.  If I took enforcement action without being able to articulate Probable Cause, I opened myself, individually, to civil or criminal penalties.

Yet, we have the curious case of the FBI raiding Project Veritas over the weekend.  It seems that Ashley Biden, the daughter of the president, keeps a diary, and she left that diary in a room somewhere.  Subsequently, someone took possession of it and offered it to Project Veritas.

Project Veritas did their own due diligence and determined that they could not independently verify the provenance or accuracy of the document, so they declined to publish it.  They notified law enforcement.  The FBI raided them over the weekend.

It appears that the FBI is now the enforcement arm of he Democratic Party.  We can cite the Tucker Carlson unmasking, or we can point to the Hunter Biden Laptop.  Or, we could cite the curious chain of events over the gun that Hunter Biden discarded behind a restaurant.

Or, we could go farther back to the insufferable actions of the FBI during the period I call Comey's Disgrace.

At some point, the good agents (if there are any left) will have to stand up and demand that the FBI return to the core mission of protecting the American people, not merely protecting the Biden family or the Democrats from their own sense of entitlement.


Steve said...

I'm too lazy to check....but I think the diary had gone missing for over a year. Project Veritas only received it within this past month.
So who had it? And why aren't those folks getting "raided"?
AND, I understand she wrote some entries of daddy biden being touchy feely with her.

James said...

This assumes that the Feeble Bureau of Instigation was ever anything but what it is now. Back in the days of J Edgar the FBI excelled at making up political crimes and yet was never able to get a handle on the Mafia. J Edgar's emphasis was on getting dirt on politicians in order to keep getting increased funding.
The Sixties Domestic Terrorists, the FBI didn't have a clue.
This has continues to today, name a major case broken by the FBI in the last 50 years that wasn't instigated and inspired by them. Example, the Wretched Witless assassination plot in Michigan that was primarily run by agents and informers.

BobF said...

I agree -- FBI history is replete with personal and political shenanigans. Add congressional and judicial malfeasance, then add horrid longer than appropriate pre-trial prison conditions of 1/6 defendants observed and reported by congressional representatives, I am totally convinced we will not vote our way out of this mess. No matter what '22 brings, the damage is done and it WILL most definitely continue to occur, making things even worse as we go.

And I don't have an answer for it all.