Thursday, November 04, 2021


 The Bee has interviewed McAuliffe, who blames his loss on the low turnout of 3:00 a.m. ballots.

RICHMOND, VA—Terry McAuliffe’s loss in the Virginia gubernatorial race has sent shock waves through the Democrat establishment. Some are blaming the rise of racism, domestic terrorist parents of public-school students, and lack of understanding of true Marxism for the loss. After careful study of the results, however, the campaign determined the true cause was a shockingly low turnout among 3 a.m. ballots.

What I heard was more of a supply-chain issue. What I heard was that the 3:00 a.m. ballots had been contacted to a printing house in China, but were stuck on a ship, somewhere off the coast of Long Beach, CA.

Either way, it sucks to be McAuliffe.


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The longshoremen are of what party? Heh.