Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Virginia Speaks Out

 It's all over the news, but it appears that Virginia's parents spoke out yesterday, electing a Republican governor who focused o education and parent's rights.

From what I understand, the battleground was the suburban parents who were disgusted with the way the local school boards were educating their children.  The race seemed to become a referendum o Critical Race Theory and the arrogance of local administrators who dismissed the concerns of parents.

In a wider perspective, this may be problematic for the Biden agenda.  The urban centers went Democrat, but by a fairly narrow margin, while the suburban and rural counties went Republican, often by huge margins. I'm sure that the political scientists will be studying this map for a while.

In down-ballot races, Republicans claimed the Lt. Governor, the Attorney General, and may have flipped the House of Delegates.

Just wow!

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Old NFO said...

Good for them!