Monday, November 01, 2021


 Our church does rodeo, and last Friday night we held a Christian Youth Rodeo.  You gotta have a concession stand at this All-American contact sport, and you gotta have  crew running the fryers.

The guy in the flag vest is an old submariner who is doing what he can for the church.  The guy in the PBR jacket is a professional musician who loved rodeo until it got to painful to climb on a bull.  Now, he is working the fry station and cheering on the kids who ride barrels and rope steers.  This is what small-town Friday night looks like.


Old NFO said...

Thank them for stepping up! Small town rodeo IS the lifeline of many communities.

Robert Orians said...

I got a friend that rode the circuit until his joints and bones were wore out . He walks like I do and that ain't good . He's only 50 .

BobF said...

Activities, ethics, and outlooks many/most in the very big cities will never understand. Most unfortunate for them.