Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Defund Who?

While I wasn't paying attention this past week, it seems that the Left has lost it's mind.  There seems to be a call across some of the US to defund police departments.  The Minneapolis City council is planning to vote to disband its police department.

What the hell?

Police power is the power to arrest, detain and limit freedom for the public good.  Many times the police don't use that power, but work for the public good.  I spent a career as a police officer, serving all of my citizens without passion or prejudice.  I believe that every police department has problems, but that those problems can be fixed with good leadership.  If a police department has systemic problems, then a change of leadership is beneficial.

But, police power is power, and power will be replaced in a vacuum.  So, if we remove our police department, what will replace it?  And, I'm not hearing anything about who will control the power once the police department is disbanded.  What is the end game?

Power must be controlled, or anarchy results.  In a power vacuum, something will rise to replace it.

Thank God that we have a Second Amendment.


Anonymous said...

And who exactly is going to domestic disturbance calls now ? Spouse abuse ? Child abuse ? Are we supposed to take 'matters into our own hands', just trying to get clarification.

Because when a vacuum is formed, Nature pushes in to take its place.

Anonymous said...

The elected officials are the ones responsible for that police force and its problems. And whatever replaces that police force in whatever form, it will fall under the responsibility of those same elected officials that didn't correct the problems of the police force. But that will surely solve all the problems.

Anonymous said...

The lack of cultural clarity is astounding ... except that we've seen the storm clouds gathering for a while. *All* of the Rules of Engagement are being rewritten. Meet your neighbors; know whom you can trust and whom to doubt.

BobF said...

I'm not hearing replacement, just dismantling. The lawlessness will come quickly, immediately followed by insurance companies departing in haste. And if hospitals were COVID-busy, they are going to be even busier after unfunding, especially trauma units.

Maybe I should move some things closer to the front of the house.

Mike Silvius said...

The entirety of the police force in Minneapolis needs to declare they have been exposed to the chinky flu and state that according to CDC guidelines they must stay home for the next two weeks and then see how they like the taste of them apples.

Old NFO said...

If I were Hennapin Co or MSP, I'd say no thanks, you're on your own... And go back in 6 months after the bodies have rotted away and clean up what is left.

Sabre22 said...

I think the whole of the Minneapolis PD should take a month off in to help with racial healing in the City. Then have a vote to decide whether or not you want to defund the Police Department or NOT