Saturday, June 13, 2020


One day last week my daughter called.  I had been joshing about getting a pedicure, and she told me she was making an appointment.  did I want to go?  "Sure", says I.

Ohmigod, guys.  You gotta do this.  My feet hadn't had any professional care since induction physical into the Army.  This little lady washed trimmed, groomed, lotioned, and massaged my old broke-down feet.  At one point, she even took out a dremel tool.

That was the best $28 I've spent in a long time.  My boots even fit better.

I plan to put a pedicure on my regular grooming rotation.  Next time I may even get my nails colored.


Judy said...

Hot pink? Neon green? Safety orange? Mossy Oak Camo?

robert orians said...

Papa just looks like a Mossy Oak type of guy .

Old NFO said...

I've heard it, never tried it... Might have to do that.

BobF said...

In the shape my toenails are in I am embarrassed to let even a doctor see my feet. I ensure I have my compression hose on for doc appointments to lessen the odds of foot-lookie. But if you enjoy it, go for it, no matter what it is and it's OK with Belle. At this point in our lives all bets are off. And my wife does use a mini-Dremel on my feet. Very effective.

I'm suggesting Mossy Oak. :-)

Anonymous said...

they would prbly need a sawzall for mine