Thursday, June 11, 2020

The New Bolsheviks

That is what Ingraham is calling them.  Bolsheviks.  She's right.

I've been watching the news lately, The scenes coming out of Seattle, Chicago, Los Angels, and other bastions of liberal, progressive  power leave me stunned.  It shows, indisputably, that progressive power is a paper tiger.  If you are a "progressive" and allow a group to take over a section of your city, without taking it back, you really have no power.  The mayor of Seattle, and Chicago, and Minneapolis have shown, without exception that they do not control their cities. 

As a career police officer, with 37 years behind the badge, I was horrified at the scene of the cop kneeling on George Floyd's neck.  This had noting to do with the fake $20 bill ad everything to do with Floyd's refusal to get in the police car.  This was a routine arrest gone horribly wrong.  There is plenty of blame to go around, and some of it falls on Floyd himself.  The criminal justice system will sort it out, although I'm fairly certain that the charged officers will probably ask for a change of venue.

The riots that have occurred since are more than an over-reaction.  They are an opportunistic power grab by people who want to remake American society.  The people that the rioters are grabbing power from are not the conservatives, but some of the most "progressive" power centers in the US.  It's really interesting to watch, because those elected officials are responsible for the safety, security and order in those cities.  At every level, they have failed miserably.

I admit I am somewhat baffled.  The very people elected in Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, and other places like that have allowed their cities to degenerate into third world hell-holes.  If this is progressive, I want no part of it.


Old NFO said...

I'll settle for being an old fart in rural Texas... :-)

fred g. sanford said...

One of these days, and it won't be long you'll look around and the communists will be all shot in the head. ALL OF THEM.

fred g. sanford said...

P.S.- since Minneapolis is getting rid of their police department, it will be very entertaining to see what happens now. I will get my popcorn ready and turn on U-tube. Then we will see how long it takes for the adults there to DEMAND their old police back. Not long, I bet.