Sunday, June 21, 2020

Well, Of Course

It seems that arson investigators in Atlanta have issued an arrest warrant for the girlfriend of Rayshard Brooks, who got himself killed while resisting arrest at a Wendy's restaurant.
Atlanta police issue arrest warrant for Rayshard Brooks' 'girlfriend', 29, for burning down the Wendy's where he was shot and killed by cops.
Because the natural, rational thing to do when you are outraged is to burn down a restaurant that had absolutely nothing to do with the thing you are outraged about. (/sarc)

Maybe she can explain to the jury why she thought that arson was a good idea.  Of course, with the racist, corrupt, DA they currently have, it's a matter of claim if she will ever see the inside of a courtroom.


Dave said...

I wonder...can the state Attorney General's office take up the case if the local DA won't?

(FWIW, the current GA AG is a Republican.)

dogsledder said...

Part of the problem is that for decades, negroes in particular and criminals in general have seen that our judicial system has been EXTREMELY lax in dealing out any kind of punishment for lawbreaking- even for offenses like murder, rape, and assault. This is all part of the liberal/communist campaign to destroy our society and Western Civilization itself. Civil war coming- we are in the last days of trying to avoid it- unsuccessfully. They are threatening us with either chaos or communism. I predict that we will be fighting for our Civilization soon. God help us.