Monday, June 01, 2020

Louisiana Moving to Phase 2

Our petty tyrant, John Bel Edwards, has decided that Louisiana can move to Phase 2.  That's damned nice of him, even if it is two weeks late.  Good for him.  He's holding the economy back, but that's his plan and the legislature doesn't have the balls to over-ride him.

In other news, I'm in Amarillo, TX, for the Triple Crown of Cowboy Fast Draw.  We left Louisiana yesterday, and in the past 24 hours, we've eaten in restaurants, driven across the state, and only saw one incident of Covid restrictions.  We stayed last night at a hotel in Wichita Falls and the hotel did not have a breakfast because of the Covid restrictions.  We got a quesadilla at a gas station, and it was wonderful.  For all you gourmands, out there, grab some gas station food when you get a chance.

The Triple Crown of Cowboy Fast Draw is Texas State, The Southern Territorials, and the US National Championship.  It will be held in Amarillo TX on Wednesday-Sunday this week. Five days of the fastest sport imaginable.  If you blink your eyes, you may miss it.

Belle and I are ensconced in the hotel, and have declared happy hour.  By design, there is an IHOP right next door, and we may walk over in a little bit and get our supper.  I'm hungry for pancakes.

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Enjoy and shoot 'em good!