Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Triple Crown - Day 2

We started the Southern Territorial Championship today.  I did not cover myself in glory, but I did manage to stay in until the 6th round.  Belle is out, and I am out, but Zach still has two Xs before he is out.  An X, for the uninitiated, is a loss during an individual match.

Belle, being out, went to look at the vendors, and bought a new fast draw rig, from Mernicke Leather.  It's a nice rig and I may think about strolling over during a lull in the shooting tomorrow.

We shoot brackets tomorrow morning.  Then finish the Southern Territorials.

Back at the hotel, I see that we have a new storm in the Gulf.  Tropical Storm Cristobal.  He's set to hit Louisiana, just about the time we get back on late Sunday.

Oh, Joy!  The hurricane season is ramping up.  2020, with impeachment, Covid, race riots, and now an early tropical storm, has not shaped up like I would have wished.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on your competition - hope you place well. And good luck with Cristobal, the good news is it isn't forecast to become a hurricane, much less a strong one.

Safe journey.