Wednesday, June 24, 2020

No Noose Is Good Noose

It turns out that Bubba Wallace's noose was not a noose at all.   The FBI determined that no crime had been committed. 
A noose that was found hanging in Black stock car racer Bubba Wallace's garage stall in Alabama was a pull rope that had been placed there in October, long before the stall was assigned to Wallace, the FBI announced Tuesday.
No crime.  It was a pull rope. 

But, Bubba himself claims he never saw it.  Which leads to some questions.  If he didn't see it, why did he fell a compulsion to talk about it?  Why did he immediately have to ump to victim status?  Was this a hoax designed to injure NASCAR?

NASCAR is about auto-racing.  It's about who comes across the finish line first.  It should not be about racial injustice, or perceived slights.  Wallace may have a good future in auto-racing, but he may not, either.  Time will tell.  He needs to focus on getting across the finish line before the other drivers.  Wallace is a NASCAR driver, with a team behind him, and now, they are laughing-stocks.  The source of mirth.

There are people in the world who are hyper-sensitive to various sensations.  Light-sensitive, touch-sensitive, taste-sensitive.  Hyper sensitivity is a disability.  Perhaps Wallace and his team should get serious psychological counseling, and offer heart-felt apologies to the sport that lets them make a living.  Otherwise, they are just assholes.

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dogsledder said...

Bubba man Jussue The way that Nascar reacted shows why Nascar is dying and won't be much longer. First, they were all chummy with Hussein Obama- I remember seeing Tony Stewart and his car in front of the White House, if I remember right. Then they banned the rebel flag, Now they fall all over themselves trying to shame us with a fake noose story. Poor little Bubba Wallace crying on his race car, and poor little Richard Petty putting his arm around him, in front of all the pit crews and on national TV...all for a freaking hoax. It was pathetic.
Nascar keeps pushing its liberal/communist agenda on the fans, and the fans resent it. II used to go to Nascar races and watch them on TV, but no more. I don't watch the NFL or major league baseball anymore for the same reason. Freaking commies !