Sunday, June 28, 2020

Defund (Some) Police

The movement to defund police departments started in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed in police custody.  Recently, the Minneapolis city council voted to disband their police department in favor of ... something else.

Now, we learn that members of the city council get private security protection that costs taxpayers $63,000.
The city has spent $63,000 on rent-a-cops for Jenkins and fellow councilmembers Phillipe Cunningham and Alondra Cano during the last three weeks after the three said they had received threats.
But an MPD spokesperson said that no complaints of threats against them had been filed.
The City Council gets private security, but the citizens have to fend for themselves.  That should tell you all you need to know about the progressive agenda.


Old NFO said...

That it does, and yet MORE taxpayer dollars spent for things these critters should be paying for themselves...

Termite said...

Someone needs to show them that they are: "touchable"