Monday, June 22, 2020

Noose? What Noose?

NASCAR is a big deal in the South.   big deal in Talledega.  It has it's roots in the bootleggers of Prohibition, running souped-up cars while running from Revenue agents.

There is this driver, Bubba Wallace, who happens to be black.  He claims that he found a noose in his garage stall on Sunday.
On Sunday night, black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace said he found a noose in his garage stall. Wallace had pressured NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag at events and placed a “Black Lives Matter” bumper sticker on his racecar. NASCAR did indeed ban the flag, sparking outrage and protests. NASCAR condemned the noose, and drivers expressed their support for Wallace.
NASCAR, of course, is horrified.
 NASCAR said in a statement on Sunday. “We have launched an immediate investigation, and will do everything we can to identify the person(s) responsible and eliminate them from the sport.”
Funny thing, I can't find a picture of the noose.  A Google Images search for "Bubba Wallace Noose" turns up blank.   Lots of pictures of Bubba, no pictures of his noose.  Not that I care, really.  But, in this age of photos on the internet, you think that someone would have snapped a photo of the (alleged) noose.

NASCAR has backed themselves into a corner.  Someone will be eliminated from the sport.  It will be interesting to see whom that someone might be.


dogsledder said...

"Someone may be leaving the sport"...maybe the fans.

kamas716 said...

That noose story seems fishy. After all the publicity around racially sensitive material lately, who would think it was a good idea? And with all the cameras around, who would think they could get away with it?

Anonymous said...

Was J. Smollet seen anywhere nearby? Asking for a friend.

Steve Sky said...

I read on another blog that every garage door at Talledega has a 'noose' on it. You reach up, and pull on it to pull the garage door down. But having gone with the story, now how does NASCAR back out of it without looking very stupid.

Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger said...

Hoax or mistake, it seems.

Steve Sky said...

We have a new Jussie Smollett- his name is Bubba Wallace. And the usual suspects fell for it...
We Were Right! FBI Confirms ‘Noose’ Found in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR Stall Was Garage Door Pull Rope – It Was Just Another Hate Hoax

Termite said...

Rope found in Bubba Wallace’s garage has been there since October, feds say.

I think there's a lot of folks who don't know what a true hangman's noose looks like.
I suspect this was a rope braided back into itself to form a simple loop, to be used as a handle. Rope braiding/fidding is fast becoming a lost art.