Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Professor, Heal Thyself

I like Kayleigh McEnany, the president's press secretary.  She's combative, straight-forward, and doesn't play well with others.  I watch her every chance I get.

Yesterday a reporter asked if President Trump was glad that the North won the Civil War.  She told him that the question was absurd.  And, it was.

She has drawn the ire of journalists everywhere for refusing to legitimize stupid questions.  A quote from an article.  
According to a former top editor and Columbia Journalism School professor, the combative press secretary “is seeking to undermine the credibility not just of individual journalists or outlets but of journalism itself.”
No, professor, journalists, especially the liberal journalists have  undermined their own credibility.  Kayleigh is simply putting their lack of intelligence at center stage.  Most people understand that journalism has damaged itself significantly during the past couple of decades.
“Gamblers would call such an episode ‘the tell.’ McEnany demonstrated that her goal isn’t to respond directly to these questions, or even to engage in a dialogue about journalistic ethics. It is to throw up so much chaff into the media’s radar that even the most basic critique is deprived of meaning," huffed the professor.
Well, professor, I would maintain that if  journalists themselves engaged in a dialogue about journalistic ethics, that Kayleigh wouldn't have to keep calling it out.

Kayleigh didn't put the knife into the back of current journalism.  They did that themselves.  But she's really good at twisting it.

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