Saturday, July 12, 2014


Gaza is a complicated place, but a place from whence the terrorists shoot rockets indiscriminately into Israel.  Evidently, it's okay to shoot rockets into Israel, but when the Israelis respond, everyone notices.
Israeli airstrikes targeting Hamas in Gaza hit a mosque and a center for the disabled where two women were killed Saturday, raising the Palestinian death toll from the offensive to more than 120, Palestinian officials said.
Wonder why the Israeli Air Forces hit a mosque, a holy place of worship, and a center for the disabled?  That's simple.
 The Israeli military said the mosque concealed rockets like those used in the barrage of nearly 700 fired by Gaza militants at Israel over the five-day offensive, while saying it was investigating claims about the other sites hit.
Oh!  So, the Mahomets were using their mosque, their holy place, as a warehouse to store military weapons?  That makes it a legitimate military target, and the Muzzies don't have anything to complain about.  That's war, and the Muzzies should understand that.  Too bad about your mosque.  If you don't want it destroyed, don't store rockets in it.  

I don't feel sorry for the Muzzie bastards.  Quite the contrary, I have a great deal of contempt and dislike for them.  They've pretty much managed to turn me into an Islamophobe.  It wouldn't bother me at all if Israel went in with tanks and infantry, and drove the Gaza residents into Egypt.  I'd applaud such a resolution.


Anonymous said...

I would second the motion and amend it to state "the quicker the better".

Ryan said...

Israel/ Palestine is one of those sad tragic situations where both sides have a legitimate grievance and, at least from their perspective, a justifiable claim.

At this point it is so difficult to figure out who is retaliating against whom for what that at least in a larger level I have a hard time feeling bad for either side. Though I do feel bad for the normal folks just trying to get by on either team.

Old NFO said...

Quicker the better is right... And what leader wants their people to go TOWARD the bombing to be killed??? Hamas... sigh

Gerry N. said...

I wish deeply that the Israelis would reach common ground with the Paleoswinians, then bury the rotten bastiges in it.