Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Project Phase IV

Phase IV of my summer project has commenced, with the pulling of a cord.  This morning I cranked my parents old tiller to facilitate the loosening and removal of dirt.  This is a patio project to increase the size of the patio by about 288 sq feet (12X24).  To remove that much dirt to a depth of three inches requires that I move the equivalent of just a litle over 3.5 cubic yards of soil, and that I do it all my hand, because there is NO WAY to get any equipment in there.  So, it's shovel and wheelbarrow.for me, in the 90+ degree temps common in Louisiana this time of year.

That's a llot of shoveling, and several dozen  wheelbarrow trips.  I've already taken six wheelbarrow loads out of that patch of ground, and you can barely tell that I've done anything.  But, as in all things, a little here, a little there and before long it will be done.

This winter, when I've got my firepit set up and the smoker cooking meat, it'll all be worth it.


Ryan said...

I spent my late afternoon using a push mower and trimming the edges with a pair of garden shears (do not own a weed wacker yet) about 45 minutes away from you.

I'm a lot younger than you and it was still hot sweaty work. However now my front lawn looks decent so the neighbors will be happier. The mower was down for awhile so it got long.

You and the family will love that patio in the winter. Set up a little fire pit, a smoker plus maybe a table and it'll be the focal point for many a great event.

Old NFO said...

That it will... And you'll enjoy staying dry too! :-) Oh yeah, and you'll TRULY have sweat equity in the job... :-)

Termite said...

Be careful that you do not destroy the anti-termite chemical "barrier" around your house slab. My wife did that years ago on our house, and southern temites moved in. Luckily we caught them early before they could spread and do any damage.
After digging out the dirt, you may want to re-treat along that side of your slab before laying down pares, or pouring more concrete. You can do it yourself for far less than a pest control company would charge.