Thursday, July 31, 2014


What are the happiest cities in the US?  According to Brian Williams, the top five are all in Louisiana.

Oh, yeah, if we're not dealing with hurricanes, or floods, or corrupt politicians, we're a happy bunch.  We've got our problems, like anybody else, but the optimism of the people is infectious. Louisiana is a great place, and we've got good reason to be happy.  Jambalaya, gumbo, etoufee, all these things are easily in reach. Festivals and forests abound.  The women are pretty, the men are (mostly) sane, and we don't have any troubles that we can't fix.

I had to capture this screen graphic to give you an idea of how Louisiana stacks up.  The top five cities int he US rated on a happiness scale.

 Laisssez bon temps rouler

Hat tip to my sister, Frannie, who led me to the links.

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