Monday, July 07, 2014

Wheel Adapters

I've got this little utility trailer, you've seen a bunch of them.  Guys haul stuff in trailers and I'm no different.  The only question is which trailer to use, the large one or the small one..  The load decides the trailer, but the little trailer gets the nod, about 75% of the time.

The only problem is the crappy tires that come on those trailers and my propensity to load them right to the weight limit, then drive down crappy roads.  I get blowouts.

Those little tires aren't designed to carry a whole lot of weight, but my boys (who are much better welders than I) widened the trailer a bit, and extended the trailer a bit, and beefed up everything in between.  With the added capacity of the trailer, I got more blowouts, and I got tired of buying those crappy little tires, so we searched about for an alternative.

Luckily, those wheel hubs are 5 lug, 4.5 diameter, (5X4.5) which also fits the old Ford Ranger and several other vehicles.  Second son scrounged some Ranger rims, but when we bolted them up, the dish in the rims was too deep, and the inside of the tire scraped (locked-up) on the inside frame of the trailer.  That's no good.

So, PawPaw ordered some wheel adapters from I ordered them on Thursday, and they came in this morning.

I got the two-inch version, but you can get them in various thicknesses.  They're a good looking adapter, made from billet aluminum, and fairly light weight.  But, they look beefy enough to stand up to the abuse I'm sure to give them.  About an hour after I took them out of the box, I had them bolted up, easy-peasy

Yeah, they stick out past the fender a little bit, and I may decided to get some wider fenders for the little trailer, but they sell fenders down at Tractor Supply.  But, I bet I won't be blowing those tires out.  And, I can keep the crappy little tires as a spare in case I do run into trouble.

I think that's going to work pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Some fancy looking rims for a little utility trailer. Gettin' yo bling on......LOL

Jester said...

What is that trailer size PawPaw? 5x8 with 12 or 13 inch rims?

Just curious as to the load you put on that trailer that caused you to upgrade the hubs and rimes/tires. I picked up a pretty beefy 5x9 trailer that is solid wood floor, steel 16 inch sides and a solid build with the standard 14 inch trailer high speed rim and tire assemblies. These look considerably wider than what you have but since I got a good deal on the trailer (750) I thought that I could stand to put some upgrades in to it if I'm hauling firewood and the like...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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