Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday, Trivial Tuesday

Lots of stuff going on, none of it connected, destined to fill up my day.

PawPaw needs a haircut.  I'll get that done this afternoon.  My standard #2, it's been almost eight weeks since I"ve had a haircut and I"m positively shaggy.

Later today, after running her errands, Milady is going to drink a gallon of laxative because tomorrow she's scheduled for a procedure.  Simply a look-see, not a big deal.  The prep is the worst part of the process.  Of course, she's on a strict preparatory diet, so no food.  After we're done tomorrow, I"ll take her to breakfast.  A big breakfast with eggs and bacon, and hasbrowns.  She'll be hungry.

Had a close family friend show up on our doorstep last night, seeking sanctuary.  Of course, we're always happy to provide sanctuary.  Hubby is an asshole, and she's had enough.  You've heard this story before.

While I'm across town today getting a haircut, I need to pick up a bottle of whiskey, because I'm out.  And toilet paper, because I don't want to run out later today.

Yesterday, I realized that I haven't done any recreational shooting in several months, (since the beginning of summer, anyway).  I need recoil therapy in the worst way.  I think I"ll slip off Thursday or Friday and find some.  I need to feel a rifle punch my shoulder.


Goatwhiskers said...

Just FYI, if there is a next time, no need to drink the gallon. There's some stuff called Suda-prep(sp?), you mix two glasses of water, drink as instructed, works just fine. As far as your therapy, I take mine two or three times a week or I git's a mite twitchy. GW

Old NFO said...

Yep, recoil therapy is GOOD!

Rich Jordan said...

Recoil therapy... I like that. Need some too; its been over a year :(