Friday, July 25, 2014

Finally Friday

After the two-week project of mid-July, I spent yesterday recuperating and this morning cleaning up the work area.  Putting away tools, cleaning patio furniture, straightening, and puttering.  I had a half-load of sand in the bed of my truck, so after mowing the front yard and side lot, I drove the truck over to two holes and used that remaining sand to fill the holes so a horse (or grandkid) doesn't step in them and break a leg.  Took the truck to the driveway and hosed out the final dregs of sand.  Put the lawnmower away.  Came inside, poured a glass of tea, complaining to the dawg about how hot it is out there.  Turned on the computer, and clicked on Accuweather.

Great Jumping Jehosephat!  It feels like 113F out there?  With 70% humidity and strong sunlight, it's hotter than Old Billy Hell out there.

I think I"ll find something to do inside for the afternoon.  I may feel a nap coming on.

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