Sunday, July 13, 2014


Milady and I kept a couple of the grandkids last night, and two young boys (6 and 3) add a lot of energy to a household that's normally quiet and relaxed.  This morning, quiet and relaxed ain't on the agenda.  Of course, the boys decided that they needed to get in the pool, right after breakfast.  Grandma concurred, because we have a pool, and we believe that every child who lives in Louisiana needs to learn to swim from a young age.

Plenty of pool safety, of course, but we want our grandkids ot be comfortable in the water.  I think we're getting there.

I've got chickens on the smoker, and in a few minutes I"ll start peeling 'taters for 'tater salad.


Old NFO said...

He's 'working' on the diving... :-)

Termite said...

Sounds like you are getting your money's worth from that smoker.

You're making me seriously consider buying one.