Saturday, July 26, 2014


Plumbing on a Saturday morning is one of the joys of home ownership.  Toilet flange, wax ring, you don't want to know the rest.  Hammer-drill and Tapcons.  No pictures, this is basically a family-friendly site.

However, now it's done and just got off the phone with elder son.  The new word is Power Steering Pump, which is plumbing of a different kind.  It's shaping up to be a great Saturday.


Bradley said...

Wait Toilet wax ring's are not just for making bullet lube? really? thats new to me

Ryan said...

Last Valentines day BOTH of our toilets broke. One is annoying, especially with a kid potty training who spontaneously has to go RIGHT NOW, but you can work around it. Both toilets down however is a expletive deleted situation.

So on Valentines Day I got to fix toilets. Big romantic fun. However I did get significant spousal credit for bringing them both back online so that was something.