Sunday, October 06, 2013

Cool Front

Last night, we got our first cool front of the season, and truthfully, it feels like October should feel.  Milady and I were busy in Jena, LA yesterday with her family, and in our sloth got up too late to get to church this morning.  I'm sure that the congregation will understand.  But, I'm reveling in this weather and I'm sure that the squirrel hunters are loving it too.  That light rain probably did wonders for the forest floor this morning and the cool temps should have the woods-rats moving about.  The only problem would be the light breeze which isn't optimal for seeing squirrels in trees still holding foliage, which in Louisiana is all of the trees.  Our leaves haven't begun turning yet and won't for another several weeks.

From the forecast, the temperature will dip a little more tonight, to a low of 49F.  While I'm sure that we'll have more warm days, I might be well advised to drag out the jackets and make sure that they're presentable.  I'm looking forward to cooler weather.

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