Saturday, October 05, 2013

Hunting Season

Hunting season opens with a whimper hereabouts, gradually settling in over several months.  Dove season opened Labor Day at noon, the traditional opening of the hunting season.  Archery season for deer opened in my area last week, and today is the opening day of squirrel season.  The duck hunters have had one split of teal season and they're working on blinds getting ready for the opening of big duck season.

Squirrel season opens this morning, statewide.  It will remain open until February 28th.

Deer season opens for the regular gun season at various times in various areas.  Locally, the regular gun season opens November 16 in Area 1, but it opens where I hunt in Area 2 on October 26th.

I'm not squirrel hunting this morning, but I am going to the lease.  It's way past time to start prepping my deer stand and I haven't been out there since I injured my foot last January.  I'll probably need to do battle with red wasps in my deer stand, but modern chemistry has given me an upper hand.

I'm heading to the woods.  Y'all enjoy your Saturday.

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