Friday, October 25, 2013

Final Prep

I could talk about politics, but that's so gauche when the hunting season is upon us.  I've got the truck partially loaded, and the final gear stacked by the door.  Checking my list to make sure I don't forget anything.

Goatwhiskers reminds me in comments earlier to not forget cartridges.  Good call, Goatwhiskers, but when I posted that the cartridges were already on the butt of the rifle.  There are nine in an elastic Allen cartridge holder and those nine should see me through the season.

I did leave my day-ruck off the list and it's going in the truck.  Things like a handheld GPS, a pair of Nikon binocs, a fawn bleat can call, a roll of toilet paper, some small wire-ties for affixing deer tags, and a small first aid kit.  All that will be left to do tomorrow will be to get my part of the noon meal out of the fridge, throw the day ruck into the truck, and fill my thermos.

I'll let y'all know tomorrow how it turns out.

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Goatwhiskers said...

Good planning, and good luck with your hunt. My season is shot before it starts. Total of about 150 acres for me and my neighbor, 5 damn bears have taken up residence, not a deer track to be found on my place, not to mention danger to my wife when horse riding in the woods. State refuses to do anything. GW