Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Morning Dawg

The dog and the cat continue to hang out and play chase around the back yard.  The cat has gotten over being a "scaredy-cat" and allows Milady to scratch her.  I still can't get within ten feet of that cat, who will scurry under the deck when I try to get too close.

That's okay though.  As long as the cat is under the deck, the mice under there are going to be nervous, and I like it when the mice are nervous.


Gerry N. said...

The problem with feral cats is they often are diseased. At a place I worked in several years back we had half a dozen feral kittens. We caught one in a box trap. He went crazy until we got him out of it and someone held him for a few minutes. He began purring and in ten minutes was everyone's new bestest friend in the whole wide world. We took up a collection and I was tasked with taking him to a vet for de-infestation of parasites and neutering. The vet called me at home immediately I got there and told me that unfortunately the cat had feline leukemia and would die in a week or two. I told him to bathe, trim and de parasite the kitten, we'd make his life as pleasant as possible for as long as he lasted. We named him "Lucky" and he lived just over three happy years. When he died we were all devastated. We took up another collection and had Lucky interred in a pet cemetary. The little guy was a trooper. We all loved him. Sometimes I would like to be a multi billionaire so I could support a dozen or so animal shelters where critters could get free doctor visits and pet "owners" who were in financial difficulty could get free food for their furry buddies. I've been in that situation and I ensured my critter(s) got food and a safe dry place to sleep before I did. If push comes to shove it will be that way again. Da Missus and I have a dog and a cat that both think they are people.

Brother Dezendorf, God will bless You and Milady for caring for that little cat. I'm sort of a multi-religionist and fully believe that this sort of Karma comes around. And sooner than one might think. God likes people who are kind to animals. Every time I've gone even a little out of my way to be kind to a living thing, man or animal, I've recieved a gift from God. EVERY TIME.

Gerry N.

Rivrdog said...

Gerry ++

At our Sheriff's Office, we had a Records Clerk who my wife had worked with when they both worked as debt collectors. This gal inherited $4M+, but stayed with the SO. She put $2.5M of that money into a new cat-shelter wing for the Oregon Humane Society (in it's pre-PETA-affiliated days). There was a lot of publicity associated with this gift, and the gal became known around the SO as the "cat lady". This bothered her some, and she developed an attitude, for which she was eventually fired. I was one of the few Deputies who stuck up for her. I tried to tell the Support Division Commander that she was being bullied by her co-workers, but the captain didn't see it that way. She's retired now on a partial pension, but she and I still duel in the Editorial section over politics, from time to time.

Melissa said...

If you can trap her I will take her to the vet clinic as "my" cat and get everything done for half price/cost.