Saturday, October 26, 2013

From the Stand

No, I didn't make meat this morning, but I spent several enjoyable hours in the deer stand.  Here's what I see when I'm sitting there.

I'm sitting in a chair, looking at that shadowed area down the pipeline.  The rifle is sitting on a bag on the window ledge.  If Bambi walks out, I'm ready to convert him to venison.  This isn't hard hunting, indeed, some would say that it's not hunting at all.  It's deer shooting, but it's a real common way of turning deer hide into food.

Milady and I have plans for two Halloween parties tonight, and I have to be ready to party, so I think I'll get a nap.  If you'll excuse me, my easy chair is calling me.


Old NFO said...

Looking at a buck gate?

Goatwhiskers said...

Put up one of those signs that says deer Xing. When they figure out what it means you can take your choice. GW