Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Government - Who Needs It?

Glenn Harlan Reynolds knocks it out of the park this morning with his article in USA Today.
With these lessons learned, here's my budget proposal: An across-the-board cut of 5% in every government department's budget line. (You can't convince me -- and you'll certainly have a hard time convincing voters -- that there's not 5% waste to be found in any government program.) Then a five-year freeze at that level. Likewise, a one-year moratorium on new regulations, followed by strict limits on new regulatory action: Perhaps a rule that all new business regulations won't have the force of law until approved by Congress.
This approach would drastically cut the deficit, and as the economy grew, our debt-to-GDP ratio would improve over time instead of steadily worsening. (And, with a guarantee of reduced spending and regulation, economic growth would probably also take off.)
I agree with Insty, and think that every good manager should be able to find 5% in his budget to draw down the deficit, and the debt.   But, Congress won't do it, because they're.... Congress.

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Gerry N. said...

It also lessens the opportunity for graft.