Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The regular gun season of our deer season starts Saturday, and I'm prepping.

Rifle, check
Carry bag, check
Deer stand, prepped and ready.
Fuel in truck, check
Coleman stove, check
My portion of the camp breakfast, check.
License and tags, check

I guess I'm ready.  We do breakfast at the hunting camp differently than most.  Everyone on the club lives nearby, so we'll get up at our houses and go directly to the stand on Saturday morning.  After the morning hunt, we'll meet at the camp, sometime about 10:00, and cook a big breakfast.  Oh, there will be biscuits and eggs, and sausage, and bacon, and who knows what else might show up there.  I'm bringing my Coleman stove and a skillet to cook eggs.  I'll probably be pressed into service to cook gravy as well.

If anybody gets lucky, we'll be dressing a deer.  If no one gets lucky, we'll tell lies, cook together, then say grace before the meal.  It's part and parcel of the camp cooking tradition.  We give thanks to our Maker for the woods, and the smoke, and the fire.

If you need me before noon on Saturday, I'll be in the woods.  I'll be home sometime in the early afternoon.


Old NFO said...

Good luck! And biscuits and gravy for breakfast? Yum!!!

Goatwhiskers said...

One thing left off your list: Cartridges!! I've seen it done. GW