Tuesday, October 15, 2013

At the Pawn Shop

Today, between work and work, I went into my favorite pawn shop looking for some bling for Milady to find under the Christmas tree.  After concluding my business at the bling counter (and I'm not saying whether I bought anything or not), I walked over to say Howdy to my favorite gun-counter guy.  We talked about business for a little bit, and I noticed a forlorn, almost lonely shotgun leaning against the back wall.  It seemed familiar so I asked about it.  A New England Firearms Partner shotgun in 20 gauge, with a modified choke barrel.

I've got lots of grandsons, and a nice, clean, single-shot 20 gauge might be just the ticket for chasing squirrels and bunnies.  I asked the counter guy how much.  He shrugged and said "$60.00?"

 I looked at him over my glasses.  "$60.00 out the door."  He turned and gave me a 4473.


Rivrdog said...

Truck gun. Get a stock shell sleeve, cut the barrel down a bit (or not), get some DDuplex slugs, toss 'er behind the seat.

Old NFO said...

Nice find! And good trainer for the grandkids!!! :-)

SPEMack said...

Great gun. I got one in .410 to use for the cleaning demonstration portion of the Boy Scout Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge. Every kid in the Troop cleaned it by the close of the meeting. great piece.

Unknown said...

I would love to find this at a pawn shop in Seattle, WA that I live by!