Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Range Day

Just back from the range, I went out today because I knew that a bunch of my brethren would be shooting their annual qualifications and the range officers always make time for those of us who want to qualify with off-duty pieces.  So, I took the Model 38 that I picked up earlier this year. 

Our course with a 5-shot the course is fired at the same distances as with a service revolver or pistol.  Same course, from 25 yards down to 2 yards, shot on the LA P1 target.  The only break they give us is that you're scored on the capacity of the revolver, 5 rounds as opposed to six.  Everything else remains the same and you must score 80% to qualify.    When all was said and done, I had shot an 86, which earned me the qualification I needed.  I had 38 in the center-mass 2-ring, I had 8 in the perimeter 1-ring and I had 4 in the paper outside the scoring area.  The little revolver is not hard to shoot, but it's hard to shoot well.  I need a lot more time with this little revolver before I'll feel good about the little pistol, but sometimes Good Enough is good enough and this morning I qualified.  That's good enough.


Old NFO said...

That it is, and I can't help but wonder how many could even come close to matching that score with a snubbie... :-)

Ownerus said...

And you have the same pocket knife I've carried for almost 50 years. I knew you were a good guy!