Friday, July 27, 2012


While I was at the range yesterday, I wandered over to the brass bucket to see what folks had left behind. Lo and Behold! .308 brass, pretty good stuff from the looks of it. I know that our marksmen shoot good .308 Federal GMM ammo, but sometimes they get practice ammo to save a few bucks. Today was no exception. While I scored 50 pieces of good Federal GMM brass, there were a few NATO headstamps in there as well, WCC-08, which is good stuff, then there were several pieces with this headstamp.

This stuff is Berdan primed and from what I can figure it's British, but it doesn't have the military NATO designator.  It's crimped, and as I only got nine pieces, it's going in the scrap bucket.

The Federal GMM brass and the WCC-08 are going into my reloading stock.  With as many .308s as I have in the family, I'm always on the lookout for good .308 brass.

UPDATE:  Jim Watson, from The Firing Line, tells me it's South African.  Cool!

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Rich Jordan said...

That South African ammo was available in bulk pretty cheap prior to 2008; I remember paying $29 for sealed battle packs of 200 rounds, and I know it was a fair amount cheaper by the can (9 packs to a can I think).

They same sources had SA ammo in .223 in 300 round packs for a while.

By all accounts it was decent ammo; not the best, a little dirty, but sure-fire and decent accuracy (for bulk surplus ball ammo); I never shot it though...