Thursday, July 05, 2012


I remember under the Bush administration the wails of the loyal opposition about keeping prisoners in Guantanamo, about secret prisons, rendition, illegal wars. I'm not hearing that any more. Guantanamo is still open. Where's the outrage? Simple, they all got administration jobs. Those same high-minded liberals who blasted the Bush administration over their war-on-terror policies have all become hypocrites. Follow the link above and you'll learn about rendition, hellish prisons, and drone strikes. You'll also learn that those same folks screaming about Bush are doing that very work under Obama. The best summary I've seen so far comes from Glenn Reynolds.
Let me be clear: All you people who were playing the have-you-no-decency card under Bush, but who aren’t screaming just as loud now — which is pretty much all of you people who were playing the have-you-no-decency card under Bush — were and are miserable lying hacks. And I thank Obama for making that perfectly clear, at least.
Hypocrites.  It's easy to decry something then later learn you're wrong, but without a clear explanation and public apologies to those that you've stung, you're still a hypocrite. 

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Anonymous said...

They haven't started being hypocrites. They always were hypocrites.
It's just on display a bit more on this issue.