Thursday, July 19, 2012

Millage Rate: Zero

I've known about this for a week or so, but I've been keeping it quiet until it hit the papers.  The town of Pollock, LA has decided to not collect property taxes this year.  It seems that the town is on a sound financial footing, so the mayor and town council decided to let the residents keep their money in their pockets. 
With a nearly debt-free town, Scott asked the town council to consider not asking for the 7.52 mills of annual property tax from its citizens. The town collected more than $13,000 in total property taxes last year.

"This money is the good citizens of Pollock's anyway, and we're in a good enough financial state to leave it in their pockets," Scott said. The council unanimously voted July 9 to not send out property tax notices this year. The town reserves the right to send out notices in the future if necessary. This does not affect parish or state taxes.
The very idea! A town decides that it doesn't need tax money to operate, so it doesn't collect it. This is revolutionary.  Talk to your local officials about NOT collecting tax money this year.  With good management, they shouldn't need it.


mostly cajun said...

I drive through Pollock regularly. I have to wonder how much of that tax was supplanted by the harvesting of speeders on Highway 165. I never go through there that I don't see their patrol unit either radaring right inside the first big drop in speed limit at the city boundary, or on the side with a driver making a contribution to the town coffers, "For the children's safety" of course.


Pawpaw said...

The mayor is very insistent that the police enforce the law much like Andy of Mayberry. While the speed limit is set at 45 mph, they don't enforce below 55. You will get a ticket if you're doing something stupid, but Pollock isn't a speed trap. Slow down but don't worry. The gas station at the top of the hill, Grant One-Stop, serves a marvelous hand-flung hamburger.

Old NFO said...

Glad to hear that, and it sounds like they truly have their act together!