Friday, July 20, 2012

Last Night Together

Here's the picture of our crew, taken outside the restaurant where we all ate supper tonight.

We're all leaving in the morning, so as soon as this is posted, I'm going to pack this computer.  The Sunday Dawg is posted and we'll be on the road tomorrow.  I hope to make Birmingham before stopping for the night.


Old NFO said...

Great pic, and everybody is still smiling, so it MUST have been a good time! :-)

Skip said...

Good lookin' group!

Ess!! :) said...

This is a wonderful picture, and everyone looks relaxed, happy and content. I sure am glad you all had a wonderful time, and there is nothing like family gatherings like this to bring a family closer with lots of bonding, love, and having a great time while doing it. I bet you are already planning the next fmaily reunion. Gods speed coming home, but take your time, and be safe! Love to all!!