Monday, July 02, 2012

Wobbly Roberts

Unless you've been living in a culvert, or actually doing something that matters.  Or for that matter, if you're in DC and don't have any power at all, you've probably heard about the hard-hitting CBS News report that Chief Justice John Roberts switched his vote during deliberations.  The article even goes so far as to report that a source called him wobbly.  Wobbly Roberts.  It rolls right off the tongue.

Some pundits have opined that Wobbly was worried about the Court's legitimacy.  Others have opined that he is susceptible to news reporting and had come under intense pressure from liberals, even from the floor of the House.  Maybe so.  Forbes goes so far as to say that Roberts caved to left-wing pressure to uphold the law.  Heh!  So much for his legitimacy.  Turns out he's simply pandering for acceptance.  He's concerned about his legacy, which is now irrevocably damaged.

So, Mr. Roberts, how's this for your legacy?  You're wobbly.  Nominated by President Bush as a solid conservative, you've shown yourself to court the admiration and adulation of the liberals. You care what some people think and will go to great lengths, twisting logic into a pretzel to find a way to make plainly bad law into good law.  During your opinion, you will say that you have no interest in policy, yet your decision forms policy of the worst kind.  You are a turn-coat, sir, a deceiver.  The simple Google string,John Roberts Wobbly, returns 163,000 results, and this is just Monday morning.  That's your legacy, sir.  Some pundits are even now calling your tax-and-switch scheme the Roberts Tax.

And, if I ever get the opportunity, I'm going to piss down your leg and tell you it's raining.  You are about as worthless a person who ever was appointed to the bench, and there are many worthless jurists on the bench.  Screw you, sir.

I think I'm going to write my Congress-critters and talk about impeachment.  Even Supreme Court Justices can be impeached.

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You're up at the top of Google. Congratulations, PawPaw!