Thursday, July 26, 2012

.30-06 Thursday

I took my Savage .30-06 to the range this morning, to do just a little scope tweak and to verify that my hunting load for this year is a capable performer.  Got to the range, hoisted the range flag as I was the first guy there, then got out my gear.  After setting targets on the 100 yard line I got out the rifle and settled down on a bench.   Using sandbags I started on the target, and may have found a problem with my scope.

Shot #1 fell where it shows, so I decided to twist in two clicks left.  Shot #2 fell where it's marked and I was considerably confused, so I tried twisting in four clicks down.  Shot again, and shot #3 hit way out to the left.  Well, damn, twisted the scope four clicks back to the right and fired another one, which shows on the target as #4.  Walked down to the target and was considerably perplexed, so I posted another target and decided to see what happened if I left it alone.

Walked back to the bench and saw that my pard Bud had arrived with his grandson.  We chatted for a bit and his grandson posted a target, then about that time another shooter showed up, so we let her post a target.  When we called the line hot, I loaded a round and let fly.

The first shot cut the black diamond in the middle of that 3-inch dot and I felt pretty good about that.  I let the barrel cool for five minutes and let fly again.  The second shot appeared in the group in the top of the target.  Five shots in a measured 0.744, which ain't bad, but it looks like it takes a couple of shots for my zero to settle down, plus, the scope didn't track properly when I was adjusting it.  Frankly, where the shots fell had very little relationship with the inputs I fed into it.

However, I got tired of shooting at paper and reached out to the 200 yard gong, ringing it handily, then the .300 yard gong took a bullet and swayed on it's hanger.

The scope in question is a Weaver K6 that I've had on the rifle since 2006.  It's accounted for a couple of deer, lots of paper, and the occasional steel target.  To be honest, I've abused it.  Dropped it out of trees, banged it around in the back of the Mule, leaned it against trees, rattled it around in the back of a pickup truck.  I'm wondering if it's outlived it's usefulness and if it is time for an upgrade?

I may start looking for another scope.


Jester said...

Well, it may be time for an upgrade, but of course check your mounts on the rifle before you do that. Small changes like that may cure up on a different rifle too, or run out the days on something like a .22 Long Rifle where can kicking at 100 yards is possible with out center fire recoil. However, I do have a particular affinity for the Bushnell 3200 Elite series. I have one on my 30-06 and it has accounted for two or three deer, been viciously abused in the field and has never lost its zero. It's also seen a lot of range time, and the prices are not bad. Good Clear optics on them and the warranty is nothing to sneeze at if needed.
Just my humble suggestion for a work horse rifle.

Termite said...

If it is the scope, Natchez Shooters is running the Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40 for $169.95, and they are throwing in a Garmin eTrex GPS unit for free.

Skip said...

A little trick I've learned on scopes.
After you turn a turret, lightly tap the top of the mounts with something solid to 'set' the change.
Works on all scopes.
Sometimes the recoil of the first shot will be enough, but not always.