Thursday, July 12, 2012


It has rained every day for the past four days on my little acre and outside right now we're having a gentle rain.  Today, though, I'm packing for a well anticipated vacation.  I had hoped the rain would cut me a break, so that I could mow the lawn before we left, but that's not in the cards.  It's wet out there, too wet to run a lawnmower.  Milady and I, indeed, the whole clan are leaving tomorrow for Myrtle Beach, SC where we'll all meet on Saturday afternoon and spend a week under the same roof.

It's not the whole clan, but it's enough of us that we've had to rent a big house.  By my last count, there will be 45 of us under that roof.  So, I'm working my lists, making sure the little things are taken care of.  I'll be blogging during the festivities and you'll get plenty of updates.  And, I still have yet to make a couple of decisions.  Big camera or small?  LCP or J-frame?  Those two might be spur-of-the-moment.

We're pulling out shortly after daylight tomorrow morning and we'll drive past Atlanta before we hunker down for the night.  I've been looking forward to this for a long, long time.


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Big camera. If you want to use a small camera, use the one on your smart phone.

And guns? They're both small.... take both.

Anonymous said...

Patty said: "Us too - we can't wait to get there."

Melissa said...

Voting for both cameras- the big one is not beach friendly